Real Estate Analysis

We've been developing systems for real estate construction and investment companies over ten years.

We use our expert knowledge in PostgreSQL and PostGIS to help real estate companies assess the value of properties and also scout out potentially under-priced properties. Much of this analysis we are able to do with freely available GIS data from federal, state, and city governments. This data includes both vector as well as raster data. Below is a sampling of some of the questions we can answer using spatial data.

  • What is the perimeter and area of each lot in a county?
  • What zonings does a lot fall in?
  • What properties fit the restrictions of a set of zoning rules?
  • How much frontage does a lot have?
  • Does the lot face primary roads?
  • What properties are corner lots?
  • What percentage of a property is taken up by existing buildings?
  • What's the driving and walking distance from a lot to other areas?
  • How close is a lot to nearby schools and shopping malls?
  • What's the slope of a property?

We can help you setup a system for continous analysis that downloads data at a set schedule. We can host this system for you, or setup such a system on your own hosting service.

For hosting your system, we charge $300/mth which includes general maintenance and backup. Many people choose to host thier own. We can help you choose a hosting provider and can help you setup such a system.